About us

BDR Ltd. is an auditing and consulting company registered in the Slovak Chamber of Auditors with the state license number 6. The company was founded by five partners in 1991 in Banska Bystrica without foreign participation. Currently, the company has 8 equity partners.

As a result of intensive work, the company has managed to rank every year in the TREND’s Top list of audit companies in Slovakia.  The evaluation is  made according to the size of the company and number of audits, which are  executed in the TREND TOP companies. Moreover, in 2009, we were at the first place among companies without foreign participation or companies alliend in foreign networks.

The family company with an international element

In 2010, our company was contacted by the international accountancy firm Moore Stephens International Limited, in order to become a member of its international network.

 In 2011, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic granted BDR an award for responsible business operations and significant contribution to the economy and employment of the Slovak Republic on the 20th anniversary of existence of the firm.